About Us

This website has been created to offer information on foot stress fractures and includes articles on the likely causes of stress fractures in the foot together with some of the treatment options which are available. Our primary goal is help our visitors to prevent stress fractures from being sustained, and when this is not possible to help speed up recovery.

Foot pain is often treated differently to pain in other parts of the body, and many people delay seeking a diagnosis and treatment from a doctor or podiatrist, in the hope that the problem will abate without medical intervention. While in many cases this is certainly true – stress fractures should heal naturally without medical treatment – it is important that the root cause of the fractures is identified so that action can be taken to avoid further injury. It is also important to ensure that a correct diagnosis is made, as stress fractures in the foot can produce similar symptoms to other more serious health problems.

Even though stress fractures are usually not highly serious, by failing to seek treatment promptly there is a chance that further damage can be caused and that the recovery period will be increased considerably. In many cases a failure to seek treatment and take time away from exercise and weight bearing may lead to a full fracture being sustained, which will extend the recovery period considerably. We want our visitors to recover from a foot stress fracture in the minimum possible time, and to find out about some simple changes which can be made to reduce the risk of developing foot fractures in the future.

While the information on this website has been compiled using facts and information from credible sources and we believe this website to be medically accurate, you should not take any information on this website as medical fact. This website has not been compiled by doctors nor medical professionals, but by an exercise enthusiast who has suffered from a foot stress fracture in the past. For further information on the terms and conditions of this website, we invite you to read our disclaimer.

We hope that by providing further information on stress fractures that we can help you speed up the recovery process and take appropriate steps to prevent stress fractures from developing in the future. We believe that this is only possible if the causes and risk factors are known, and we hope that the information on this website proves to be useful in this regard.

We also strongly advice all visitors to this website to seek the advice of a doctor or podiatrist if a stress fracture is suspected, or if any foot pain is experienced which has persisted for more than a couple of days. Stress fractures in the foot can produce symptoms similar to other foot problems, and an accurate diagnosis can only be obtained from a doctor or podiatrist after your case history has been assessed, the affected foot examined, and the relevant medical tests arranged.

We hope that you find the information on this website useful and if you want to contact us for any reason you can do so by emailing info @ stressfracturefoot.org